Oil boiler servicing

Oil boiler serviving2Why service my boiler?

Your oil boiler should be regularly serviced to ensure:

  • that it runs as efficiently as possible
  • that it is less likely to break down (leading to expensive repairs)
  • that the boiler's lifetime is maximised

Through regular servicing, you can save around €100 - €200 in fuel costs per annum as well as reducing the chances of break-downs. Therefore, it generally works out cheaper to regularly service your boiler than not to! We recommend that any oil boiler receives at least one service per annum. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) agree with this, so it's not just us saying it! Our professional and qualified heating engineers can carry out a proper service, complete with all system checks and analysis of full flue gas and boiler combustion efficiency. A print-off from this analysis is provided to our customers on completion. 

Unprofessional servicing may be cheaper but if many unqualified service persons can cause more problems and costs than they solve! Always ensure that your service technician is suitably qualified and always ask for a print-off from the flue gas analysis. If your boiler efficiency is not close to what is stated on the boiler datasheet, you need to be asking why, as this is costing you money every single day! If you aren't even being offered a flue gas analysis report, then you should seriously consider employing a different service engineer. Call us today on (098) 42699 to book your service or click on the button below.

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Our complete oil boiler service includes a thorough examination of pipe work, ventilation, clearances, etc. of the boiler. The system is inspected, cleaned and reassembled. All the boiler functions are tested for safe and correct operation and a flue gas analysis with combustion efficiency test is carried out to ensure that the boiler is operating to optimal performance levels. If it isn't, then our technician will make further adjustments to improve and maximise the efficiency of your boiler. It is these checks and adjustments that will save you money every single time that you switch on your boiler.

Below is a list of checks and procedures that our heating technicians would carry out on a typical service of an oil boiler

Visual Inspection

  • Corrosion check on the boiler itself, the flue, electrical controls, piping, etc.
  • Check for water leaks in and around the boiler, pipe, fittings, etc.
  • Check for oil leaks from the oil tank, oil line, boiler, etc.
  • Check for any cracks in the firebox of the boiler
  • Check the draft regulator that its clear and moving freely

Flue gas analysisMaintenance Checks

  • Check/replace fuel filter
  • Check operation of oil shut-off valve
  • Check ventilation/air supply to boiler
  • Check for presence of carbon monoxide alarms where appropriate
  • Check for cracks/damage to burner refractory
  • Clean/adjust spark electrodes
  • Clean burner diffuser and air tube
  • Check ignition transformer, HT cable and porcelain for cracking/deterioration
  • Check operation of draught stabilizer
  • Check/clean flame photocell
  • Clean boiler heat transfer surfaces
  • Check operation of high limit thermostat
  • Replace burner nozzle
  • Adjust burner pressure and diffuser plate to obtain correct flame shape/length
  • Check operation of flame failure device

Other Analysis

  • Using specially manufactured and annually calibrated equipment, conduct full flue gas analysis
  • Check combustion efficiency of boiler
  • Check gas levels within the flue gas
  • Make appropriate adjustments to boiler to improve combustion efficiency


So, maybe there's a bit more to a boiler service than you thought! Don't worry though, our heating technicians are qualified, experienced and specially trained on many brands of boiler, so call us today on (098) 42699 to booker your service or click on button below.

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