Heat pumps

What is a heat pump?

OutdoorSo, what is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a heating system which harnesses energy from free renewable sources outside the building, for heating your house and producing your hot water. A heat pump uses electricity to run a compressor which draws heat from a low temperature source, such as external air or the ground and then increases the temperature of this heat in order provide heating to the building's interior.

While conventional heating systems such as storage heaters and boilers cannot produce more heat than that contained in their fuel source, a heat pump can! Through the use of a special refrigerant and the unit's compressor, a heat pump will typically produce three to four units of heat for every unit of electricity consumed. This sounds complicated, right? But we are very familiar with a very similar technology already in all of our homes; the fridge! A fridge works in a very similar manner to an air-source heat pump, drawing in ambient air from behind the fridge and through the use of a compressor and a refrigerant, reduces the temperature to keep products cold. It works in reverse but basically, it's the same technology.

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Air-to-water heat pumps

Outdoor unit installed with customer2

Ecoforest ecoAIR EVI

The Ecoforest ecoAIR EVI is an air source (air-to-water) heat pump with EVI technology. With high power and high performance even when outside temperatures are extremely cold (or warm - ecoAIR can produce cooling also), Ecoforest air source heat pumps allow to reduce the energy consumption of a house by up to 80%, using a renewable source of energy that minimizes the CO2 emissions to the environment.

Ecoforest's R&D department, after several years of development, was able to produce a very compact and easy to install heat pump, keeping on it all the controls necessary to regulate your house temperature. Unlike other air source heat pumps, the ecoAIR is able to work in very extreme weather conditions whilst maintaining it's high performance.

Ecoforest offers many variations of their heat pumps, depending on the exact requirements of the building. With pre-plumbed "hydrokit modules" available if required, these cover most different installations requirements, and results in a very simple and cost-effective installation. As a result, there are significant savings to be made with the mechanical installation of the ecoAIR heat pump. The same is true of the wiring kits and the subsequent electrical installation which is super-easy. 

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Geothermal heat pumps

ecoGEO Compact installed with customerEcoforest ecoGEO 

The temperature of the ground is stable throughout the year, and at increased depth, it becomes more stable. A geothermal heat pump uses this temperature as the main source of energy, to produce heating and domestic hot water. All Ecoforest heat pumps can also produce cooling as well (must be specified at order). Using such a clean, renewable and free energy source, like the one that's right under our feet, is a real positive for our pocket, our environment and for our children's future.

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Ecodesign and Energy labels

As with everything we do, Comfort Solutions Ireland research all products and systems, to ensure that they meet all requirements in terms of building regulations and compliance with energy standards. You can always trust us to ensuret that any product or system has all the suitable certification and safety requirements. Below are the Ecodesign and Energy Labels for our range of Ecoforest heat pumps.

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