PV for hot water

manufacturing1Many households prefer not to export their surplus electricity to the grid. Comfort Solutions Retrofit make it a very simple process to use any surplus power to provide hot water to your regular cylinder. In fact, Solar PV systems offer some advantages over solar hot water systems for heating water! There is no need to change the cylinder, no water system running up to the loft requiring regular maintenance or anti-freeze.

In order to effectively use any surplus electricity, we need to incorporate a special diversion devices into the system. Such devices have been developed specially for the purpose of divert power into your immersion heater and heating your cylinder. 

As and when surplus solar electricity is generated and begins to divert to the grid, the diversion device monitors it and once 50W or more is being exported, will automatically divert the power into your immersion heater. This means your water will be heated using surplus electricity, thus reducing wastage and your hot water bill.


A diversion unit is not a compulsory item in a solar PV system, rather an optional one. It's less prevalent today than in the past because now, you can get paid for excess electricity that you may export back to the National Grid. 

If a homeowner already has a solar hot water system for heating domestic hot water, it is unlikely that a diversion unit would be of much benefit at all.


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