Solis InverterThe Invertor is a critical part of the PV system. This is what makes the newly generated power suitable for use in the home and also for exportation to the electricity grid. The cable tails come in from the panels and enter the inverter. Here the power is converted from DC to AC power and makes it ready for use and is then cabled into the home's fuseboard.

Our inverters have a 5 year warranty and are EN50438 certified with the Irish Variants (ESB Networks looks for this certification, when filling out the necessary NC6 Form). This is very important in terms of ESB Networks allowing you to connect your new PV system into the national grid. 

When working with Comfort Solutions Retrofit, you'll never have to worry about any of these things as we will ensure that everything works smoothly and as it should and we hope that you'll consider us when considering a PV system.

The inverter is usually placed in the attic (as close as possible to the PV panels) or in a plant room but can be fitted almost anywhere within the home. There is a basic display on all of our inverters which shows information about what electricity is being generated at any given time so sometimes it may be useful to have this within easy view of the the user.


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