Wood Pellet Air Stoves

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Air Stove SymbolAir Stove, heat for room only. 

Thermorossi Air Stoves are proving hugely popular around the world for home owners who like the effect of a stove but also want something convenient, efficient and easy to use. Thermorrossi offer a wide range of power and design options as well. 

A Thermorossi Air Stove can be used to heat a single room of almost any size and can also distribute heat to adjoining rooms quite effectively by means of its built-in fan.

If you are looking for something to heat more than just a room or two, please consider our Boiler Stove options, Ductable Stoves and we also offer a range of wood pellet boilers which are generally installed in a shed and can provide all central heating and hot water requirements for any home.

Thermorossi Air Stoves are offered in modern & traditional styles and Stand alone, Insert & Slimline models. See below for available models.


Please contact us for a full list of models that are available and for up to date pricing.





 UrbanAir Stove Symbol  ChiccaAir Stove Symbol  PopDuctable Stove SymbolAir Stove Symbol 
Urban bare 2023Chicca Bare 2Pop 6 - Image 
Essenza Metal Air Stove SymbolCreoAir Stove SymbolDorica MetalAir Stove Symbol 
Essenza Metal - BlackCreo Bare ImageDorica Bare Image 
Lucia 8 Air Stove SymbolEdda 10Air Stove SymbolMichela 12Air Stove Symbol 
lucia 8 white lucia 8 blacklucia 8 red 
Redonda Steel 8Air Stove SymbolRedonda Steel 10Air Stove SymbolRedonda Steel 12Air Stove Symbol 
Redonda whiteRedonda redRedonda grey lrg 
Redonda Glass 8Air Stove SymbolRedonda Glass 10Air Stove SymbolRedonda Glass 12Air Stove Symbol 
Redonda glass redRedonda glass whiteRedonda glass black lrg 
  Quadra 6Slimline Stove SymbolDuctable Stove SymbolAir Stove Symbol         Quadra 8DSlimline Stove SymbolDuctable Stove SymbolAir Stove Symbol   Quadra 10DSlimline Stove SymbolDuctable Stove SymbolAir Stove Symbol 


Please click through to the various models and don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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