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The Thermorossi Creo air pellet stove can be used to heat one room and will remain runing for large periods of time thanks to its tank capacity of 19kg, with an exclusive system for the access to the pellet tank by a black glass sliding door on the top.  The cast iron door, heavy cast iron wide burner, cast iron firebox made this stove very durable and long lasting.


Creo Wood Pellet Air StoveThermorossi Creo Features:

  • Sleek, modern design

  • Hopper capacity of 19kg

  • LCD digital panel

  • Weekly programmable thermostat with thre independent daily programs that are easy to set up

  • The wise ash pan and the obvious inspection point make maintenance easier keeping the efficiency at highest levels.

  • The system increases the exchange surface and improce thermal efficiency

  • The strict manufacturing standard and the high quality of raw materials, grant higher heat accumulation

  • Available in black only




Technical Data


Dimensions (H X W X D)mm1106 x 543 x 583
Heatable area107
Efficiency up to max%93
Energy class-A+
Power to the heartkW3.8 - 13.2
Rated powerkW3.5 -13.2
Hourly pellet consumptionkg/h0.8 - 2.7
Pellet hopper capacitykg19

All data is calculated to be as accurate as possible but is indicative only. Changes in specifications and products may change at any time and without notice.


The following colour options are available:


Creo Bare Image                                                                                         


Downloads for the Thermorossi Creo:



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