Rachel Antoine, Monasteraden

Attic insulation & Ventilation works

In 2017 I contacted Comfort Solutions to install the Lunos EAS system as a retrofitted ventilation/extraction solution for my home. The installation was carried out very well. Their work was neat and they quickly tidied up any small bits to plasterwork and surrounds. As I wasn't on site, Fergus kindly followed up with telephone calls to detail the progress of the work. He also took time to explain in detail how to maintain the units in terms of cleaning etc.

Several months later and I'm very happy with how the units are operating. They have made a huge difference particularly in the bathroom and shower room, where we always had problems with humidity and poor air extraction. The ventilation units in the bedrooms are very comfortable and give a nice amount of fresh air continually. They can also be closed off, and this helps during high winds and the numerous storms we encountered during the past winter. Overall I am very happy with their performance and highly recommend them.

...Attic insulation...

I contacted Comfort Solutions two years ago about refurbishing an existing converted attic space. Little had been done with it except some minimal bits of insulation and plasterboard in the mid 1990’s. The room was freezing during winter, you could hear the wind whistling through gaps, and it let out all the heat in the house.

Fergus and his team stripped it right back and brought the space up to present day standards for insulation and airtightness. I wasn’t on site during the works, but Fergus kept me informed at all stages with photographs of progress and regular telephone calls. All work was finished to very a high standard, our house was kept neat, and invoices were clearly broken down so you knew exactly what you were paying for. I asked Fergus’ team back this year to retrofit ventilation in the remainder of the house. Once again I was very pleased with the standard of work and engagement of the company. I highly recommend Comfort Solutions for their professional standards and excellent customer service.


Rachel Antoine, Monasteraden, Co Sligo.

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