Anonymous, newport

I decided to have the insulation of my 2005 built house checked after finding it difficult to keep the rooms warm during the bad winter of 2015/16.   Draughts, cold spots and a boiler that was always on the go meant it was time to do something.

After a lot of research, I followed the advice of the experts and started with the insulation. 

Comfort Solutions Ireland carried out a review and found problems with the original insulation work.  This was unfortunately a result of shoddy and incomplete work carried out during the boom years.  It was all explained to me – including pictures of the problem areas - with Fergus happily answering my many questions. 

I was provided with a detailed breakdown of work and materials as well as given different options on how to proceed. I decided to go ahead with a full upgrade of insulation and airtightness work.

During the work,a couple of other problems were found, such as rotting wood on velux windows (due to incorrect fitting), which were outside the original quote. These additional items were fully documented and costed so that I could decide how to proceed. Although it is annoying (to say the least!) that any of this work was needed given the age of the house, I am very happy with the work done by Comfort Solutions Ireland and considered it a necessary investment.

The Comfort Solutions team were always professional and approachable and I have no reservation in recommending them to anyone looking to reduce bills and / or make their home more comfortable.

Anonymous, Newport, Co. Mayo

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