How does it work?

AirPal Go smallThe Helios AirPal range is truly plug-and-play. Simply plug the unit in and switch it on. The powerful fans, incorporating EC technology for energy efficiency and quiet operation, draw air from the room, through the unit.

The air travels through two pre-filters to remove larger particles and then through the HEPA 14, a high-performance filter that meets the highest safety level with a separation efficiency of more than 99.995%. This includes the capture of the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) and influenza.


Some models are also equipped with UV-C technology which is a further step in the disinfection and elimination of remaining viruses.

Following the filtration process, the clean and filtered air is gently distributed back into the room. This process creates safe, clean air for occupants to breathe in. You might say that we should always have had these devices in enclosed spaces, especially where people congregate and we think you'd be correct.